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To provide professional technical support
To ensure integrity in all business dealings
To strive for the fair and mutually beneficial interests of all parties
To create a paragon of quality, and establish a benchmark in the industry;
Juvi is an integrated import-export company that presently specializes in product design, production, sales and technology.  Our company is located in Chongqing, south-west China's great manufacturing base, a city with extremely high investment potential. 
The Juvi has both, a professional technical staff and strong sales team.  Thus far, we have been dedicated to the delivery of world class automotive and marine equipment and accessories, as well as the best product service in our industry.  Our products have sold to regions as far away as Europe, North America and Asia, among others. Furthermore, our professional technical staffs are able to provide our clients with the perfect solution at the perfect time, while also offering consummate service specifically catered to the individual needs of each and every client.  We regularly introduce the most advanced foreign products and technologies into the domestic market and routinely share the latest in scientific and technological advancements with related domestic industries, thus providing a platform of speed and convenience, a must in today's fast-paced business world.
From our beginnings as an international trade business model to an integrated technology solutions business model, the Juvi Company has grown and transformed itself to better serve the needs of our customers.
Our company is administered by the auto parts and marine equipment production systems. In addition, our company has established longstanding partnerships with other outstanding firms in our industry, thus achieving both technical collaboration and the very best aspects of product sharing, using them to the advantage of our customer base.  Every factory that our partner with has passed the ISO9002, QS9000, VDA6.1, ISO14001, TS16949, UL and other related systems authentication.
Our many years of accumulated experience, high-quality products, coupled with our philosophy of absolute integrity in all business dealings have earned us unanimous praise from old and new clients alike, as well as a distinctive reputation in the industry.  We look forward to providing your firm with our patented brand of reliable product quality and superior service, just when you need it most.
Juvi, the perfect solution at the perfect time.
Company Vision      
        To create a paragon of quality;
        establish a benchmark in the industry;    
Company Philosophy:       
        To provide professional technical support;     
        To ensure integrity in all business dealings;     
        To strive for the fair and mutually beneficial interests of all parties;      
Core value system:     
        Respect the customer;
        Respect the individual;      
        To be honest and upright;      
        To be proactive in our quest success;        
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